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Artist: IQ32
Song Title: 88 Dirt
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Everybody hit the ground
Everybody hit the ground
There are spies are around
trained to trace our every sound
Everybody hit the ground
Everybody hit the ground
Im tearing up this lost and found
Im selling guilt by the pound
Everybody hit the floor
I cant take these eyes no more
Reading lips and reading well
Ill read it like a map to hell
Wire taps and metal scraps
Surveillance tapes will fill our gaps

Everybody hit rewind
Everybody hit rewind
These images wont pass in time
Framing frame-ups you defined
Everybody hit rewind
Everybody hit rewind
We are voyeurs by design
Your fingerprints will do just fine
Everybody say goodnight
Conspire against another night
Everybody say goodnight
Youre paranoid without a fight
Everybody say goodnight
Youre paranoid without a fight
Paranoid without a fight

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