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Artist: Jacks Of All Trades
Jacks Of All Trades Author
Song Title: Beep Raised
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2 die 4 is not something that

Would come to my mind you see

Pain is more like it when I`m shooting this rhyme

And now I know that my master is alive and not dead

Cos He didn`t stay in grave but went to heaven instead

He gimme something no one else can

So I wanna be His #1 fan

I wanna be tool in His hand

Wanna scream across this land

Beep Raised

Beep Raised

Everything I have been looking for I find in you

Every word that you have spoken God I know it`s true

So like an AK-47 I spit lyrics in ya face

If you don`t like my estilo just get outta my way

Won`t you come see and try to break free

With this swing - makes demon flee

Awesome power on the darkest hour

Don`t be so sour but sing

You will be praised

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