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Artist: Jakalope
Jakalope Author
Album: It Dreams (2004)
Jakalope - It Dreams Album
Song Title: Tell Me Why
Genre: Rock: Alternative
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Plastic & concrete, baby
these are the facts of life
i 'm a nightmare child
stuck on my own knife
i' m glad my mother loved me
i' m sick & paranoid
the hotel generater
hums into the void
of plastic & concrete

plastic & concrete, baby
i gotta learn to slow down
somethin new from chemistry
is jackin my brain around
i have got the plastic
and i have got the stone
out there in the suburbs
i learned to be alone
in plastic & concrete

plastic & concrete sandwich
you 'd like to eat me, but
later you 'll reiect me
i' m too much to bite off
the salad on my outside
is made of suicide
the guy who squirts my mayonnaise
is on a one-way ride
in plastic & concrete
plastic & concrete

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