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Artist: James Brown
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Song Title: Goodbye My Love
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James Brown

You know sometimes a man
Or a woman makes a mistake
Try to find a reason for making a mistake
But there is no reason for making a mistake
The only thing you do is when
You make a mistake is say I'm sorry
Take a man or a woman to say I'm sorry
And it takes a fool to walk away

So right here I want to say I'm sorry
I don't know where you are
But you know I need you
Now there's one more thing I'd like to say right here
I could say goodbye, you just don't understand
I could say baby I believe you got another man
And that I could say I just can't help myself
But I wouldn't be a man

And that I could say maybe we don't have nothing left
But I want you to know I still love you
Oh no matter where you go, I still love you
Oh, oh take it down Jimmy
Goodbye my love, throwing me away

Goodbye my love
There's one more thing you know to have
Someone to worry when you're wrong
Feel the need of a real person
When your friends drop you behind
To kill your anger just by being nice and kind
I could say if you leave it wouldn't bother me
But I know that would be a lie
Cause baby deep down you bother me
But I want you to know and I don't care who knows
I still love you
Woa, oh, I still love you
Oh, oh take it down Jimmy
Oh, oh take it down Jimmy look a here

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