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Artist: James D 303
Song Title: Shady Lady
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f/ Willis Case

[Hook - 2x]

No, no baby baby

No more, acting shady

Know that, you're my lady

You driving me crazy

[Willis Case]

Girl my patience is slipping

Because, I just don't understand why you be tripping

It was, the beginning of a beautiful story

But now, you just straight up ignore me

You go out, with your friends on the weekend

But oops, you forgot you got a boyfriend

That cares about you

And would love, to spend some time with you

Come on girl, tell me what's wrong

You're suppose to tell your man, what's going on

I've tried to tell you what I'm feeling, why you acting shady

Why you gotta be decieving, baby

[Hook - 2x]

[James D 303]

Why you acting shady, baby I don't understand

I might be crazy, for you I do all I can

But I'm your man, so why you tripping the way you do

Is it something I said or something I did, only if I knew

Stop acting shady, cause you're my lady

Until the day, when we say we don't need eachother

But the lies, no more

Cause the relationship, we had together

Won't ever be the same, once me or you say bad goodbye

Never turn your back on me, I will never turn my back on you

So stay true, cause you know that I love you

Too much in love, and loving you with all my heart

Just remember girl I, loved you from the start

Baby girl, let me ask you lil something

Why you acting shady, with me

Your the girl, in my world forfill your fantasies, real dreams

Diamonds rings credit bills, and things come and let me know

Talking so so shady is a no-no, so there be no more cries

No more lies shady is why, and there will be no more second tries

I wanna be the only one to take it as a story, this lyrical flow

So I let this one be known, to the one and only

To the one that's only, baby why you acting shady

[Hook - 3x]

[James D 303]

S-H-A-D-Y, lady

Stop acting shady baby, you driving me crazy

Never gonna fade me, that you wanna play me baby

But it, hurts me insiiiiiiiiiide

I feel like I wanna cry, don't need to try

I can see no love, up in your eyes

[Hook - 2x]

[James D 303]

Why you acting shady, baby I don't understand

I might be crazy, for you I do all I can

But I'm your man, so why you tripping the way you do

Is it something I said or something I did, only if I knew...

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