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Artist: Jane
Song Title: Nowhere Street
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Well there has never been a right time

To tell you what I feel

And each occasion is the wrong time

To say I'm getting out of here

Well I ain't looking for your sympathy

And I aint looking for your love

And I don't think I need permission

To say I think I had enough


I don't want to meet

You and your friends down on Nowhere Street hey yeah

Don't want to speak

To my long lost past

Down on Nowhere Street

I'm gone

Well I heard there is a future

In taking what you can

And that don't include some

User, loser, mental abuser nowhere man

Well there's talk of integrity yeah yeah

And someone spoke to me of truth

And I heard someone talk of being alive yeah

So I'm looking forward to the living truth


Produced by David Rosenthal

Words and Music - Jane

Lead vocal - Jane

Backing vocals -Jane/David Rosenthal

Programming - David Rosenthal

Bass guitar - Enrico Milieu

Piano - Reg Webb

Guitar - Jane / David Rosenthal

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