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Artist: Janis Ian
Song Title: Take to the Sky
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Blue sky morning, red sky night
Sailor take warning
when the eagle takes flight
If I had wings I would delight
and fly away
Black cloud riding
on the cotton fields back home
Every man's an island
in the desert of his soul
take to the sky
- there's nowhere else to go -
and fly away

I can rememer all the days of my life
cold, dark september
when the eagle took flight
I had to stay,
I had to stay
I cried a river to the empty sky
someone deliver me by and by
I'll fly away, Il'll fly away

It don't take nothing to be lonely
It comes too easy to be holy
It does nothing for the soul
but tear holes in tomorrow
Somebody somebody said I don't want
to be nobody saidI don't want to see
nobody said I don't want to need nobody said nothing at all
Sitting and waiting for the axe to fall

Sun come raining, lighten up the day
I ain't complaining
I got nothing to say
I'll fly away, I'll fly away
If I had the courage to be flying blind
I'd fly too high to buy my way home

somebody wants somebody
to be lonely and nobody
settling only for love-
how much time can you borrow?
Making it easy to lie
Faking it on the sly
Shaking and stammering
taking it up to the sky
Hammering nails in tomorrow

Sun come raining lighten up the sky
I ain't complaining
I get no reply
I'll fly away, I'll fly away
When I get the courage to be flying blind
I'll fly to high to buy my way home

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