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Artist: Larry
Song Title: Nightmare In Knoxville
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Who's that girl at the arc knocking down threes
Driving the lane with the greatest of ease
They say it's a man's game but she'll rock their world
'Cause the best of the ballers is that dark-eyed girl

She puts on her game face hair in a bun
The Fab Four are gone but the fun's just begun
So Little Miss Muffett you best run away
'Cause Diana Taurasi has come out to play

Some call her Diana some just call her D
They call her Ballhog Chick down in Tennessee
She gives the other coaches a case of the DTs

She's got the name of a goddess and the game of one too
Huntress of the night in Husky white and blue
She must be that goddess 'cause I've seen her face
Carved on the side of an ancient Roman vase
She rose like a phoenix from the courts of Chino
Lit a fire in the mind of Geno
Now her fame like wildfire spreads from coast to coast
With her secret recipe for making Tennessee toast


She's a prankster a jokester but she's in it to win
Soul of a warrior with a devilish grin
Does the kind of things no one else would ever dare
Slaps refs on the butt and musses Geno's hair
But with the game on the line you know she'll deliver
The ball in her hand like an arrow from the quiver
She breaks defenders down then she breaks their will too
She melts the snows of Rocky Top down to Mountain Dew


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