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Artist: Laura Nyro
Song Title: A Free Thinker
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Song # 6 on the album " Mother's Spiritual"

" A Free Thinker"

You don't have your own

You're livin' thru others

Toss and turn at night

but you play it demure

and whats more

you don't think you've got the right

to be a free thinker

You could give yourself the right

You could shine your special light

Are you a consumer

A mere number

on a supermarket line?

wear a perfect mask

and never show your feelings

maybe you can make the time

To be a free thinker

You could find your own style

You may feel more alive

Do you ever wonder

Can we save our planet

and where will it go in time?

White hawk's* destroy

And healer's send joy

back to the starry nite line

for a free thinker

with some individuality

you may find you feel more free

* This wordis being used in it's traditional sense of war consciousness and not in reference to the spirit of the soaring bird.

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