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Artist: Laura Pausini
Laura Pausini Author
Album: From The Inside (0)
Laura Pausini - From The Inside Album
Song Title: You Are
Genre: Latin
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Used to be afraid of love
used to be alone
never thought I'd find
someone to lean upon.

But like a blessing from above
you came into my life
when my faith was gone
somehow you found me.

You took my hand when I was lost
embraced me with your love
in yours arms is where I belong.

You are my shelter
my tears and laughter
the sunlight and the wind
you are my angel
you are the joy that love can bring.

Love will grow and take us high
love has just begun
and I do believe
nothing can bring us down.

And I can see it in your eyes
the flame will never fade
'cause in my heart I know
to be there beside you
to hold you when you're down and out
embrace you with my love
'cause in my heart is where you belong


You are my one and only
you are my everything
your endless love surrounds me
you are the joy that love can bring
yes you are.

You are my shelter
my tears and laughter
Baby, baby, baby you're the wind
You are my angel
you are the joy that love can bring
Your love surrounds me
Baby don't you know you are my everything
You are my angel
you are the joy that love can bring
you are my angel,
yes you are.

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