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Artist: Law Unwritten
Law Unwritten Author
Album: 2001 - Elva (2001)
Law Unwritten - 2001 - Elva Album
Song Title: Babalon
Genre: Rock: Punk-Rock
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Sit back, relax before you give yourself a heart attack
I ain't havin none of that
Raise hell, prevail, as long as it sells
High priest, all cease like your TV evangelist
Use them as they catalyst
Who cares, time wears
Ain't it always fair
So let them stare
And what's been wrong, I'll make all right
Well right on, right on
Let?s start a chain reaction
Let?s see some satisfaction
Here in Babalon
Here in Babalon
I've seen the change deranging everything in sight, tonight
But that's alright
There's not much left here to ignite, to ignite
I'd take a laser, phaser gun
And aim it at the sun
And pull the fuckin' trigger once
But what fun would that be, it?s already done
And that's no fun
But what's been wrong, I'll make all right
Well right on, right on
Feeding my brain addictions
Leaving the same restrictions
Here in Babalon
Here in Babalon
Here in
Let's go
Here in Babalon
Here in Babalon
Here in Babalon
Here in Babalon

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