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Artist: Law Unwritten
Law Unwritten Author
Album: Unwritten Law (1999)
Law Unwritten - Unwritten Law Album
Song Title: Cailin
Genre: Rock: Punk-Rock
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well it seemed like yesterday
when the world was looking dark
it felt so cold and grey
and why the hell am I even here
what's the purpose, all I feel is guilt and hate and fear

'til that day you came along
my heart was empty
like the soul was missing from a song
and I though I'd loved a few
no one ever made me feel
the way that you do

hey little girl
look what you do
oh, I love you
hey little girl, I love you

Well I know I'm not always right
and girl it breaks my heart
when I have to see you cry
so many things I wanna say
now I know that you're the reason
that i'm here today
whenever you're here
just stay near
we'll be alright, yeah alright

*hey little girl
look what you do
oh, I love you
hey little girl
look what you do, and you do
when all my love starts running thin
I got you my own Cailin
hey little girl, I love you

I'll be alright
but I need you close
please stay tonight
as long as you're here
just stay near
we'll be arlight, yeah alright.


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