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Artist: Madball
Madball Author
Album: N.Y.H.C. EP (2004)
Madball - N.Y.H.C. EP Album
Song Title: Tight Rope
Genre: Alternative
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WHAT CAN THEY SAY? Not a thing couse I've learned the hard way

OUR OWN WAY stay the course, we muste carry on now

I WON`T STRAY from the path we we've chosen let's go!

Through all the good and bad things the hope and dreams I lost my drive it seems in a way, i've lost my mind it seems like I didn't give a fuck anything

Tightrope walking the fine line

"Guttercoke" make me feel sublime

But all in all it's not fine

everything is not alright

WHAT CAN THEY SAY? Not a thing couse I've learned the hard way

OUR OWN WAY stay the course, we muste carry on now

I WON`T STRAY from the path we we've chosen let's go!

Don't we all love the fast life?

We all play the game put the barrel straight to your brain spin the chamber damn! What a shame hopeless no joke life is no game but you still have time t maintain! Think of all our fallen friends the soldiers of the street dead end...

I have my hopes but accept the facts

the friends I've lost to the street '


I think about how it was then

that's not so long ago my friends!

The close calls and the time spent

have I learned my lesson yet?


and you don't want to see what I've seen

couse you might not be so lucky

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