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Artist: Madder Mortem
Madder Mortem Author
Album: All Flesh Is Grass (2001)
Madder Mortem - All Flesh Is Grass Album
Song Title: Traitors Mark
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I see myself through read, dead eyes
I make myself this prison
For Babylon the time has come
This time I'm sure you'll listen

This is the day
(A given word)
This is the hour
(was broken twice)
Nothing's forgiven and nothing
will even the score

I hold my seed, a perfect hate
I make this mask a weapon
For every time I lied myself
a tenfold to your burden

This is the day
(A given word)
This is the hour
(was broken twice)
Nothing's forgiven and nothing
will even the score

No morning comes to tie my hands
in tired sleep
The love I left to die alone
is all I keep

My blood is silence in my veins
It all ends here
The final bond of innocence
the last to tear

The last bitter step
Through ruins and dirt
Only one deed remains:
To lay it all at your feet, dead

I mark you red, a traitor's mark
I name an "M" for malice
For all those years I lived a lie
One pound of flesh from your body

This is the day
(A given word)
This is the hour
(was broken twice)
Nothing but ashes to mourn for

I have betrayed
all that I am
Nothing's forgiven and nothing
will even the score

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