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Artist: Makaveli
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Song Title: Thugz Mansion
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Shit, tired of gettin shot at
Tired of gettin chased by the police and arrested
Niggas need a spot where we can kick it
A spot where we belong thats just for us
Niggas aint gotta get all dressed up and be hollywood
Where do niggas go when we die?
Aint no heaven for a thug nigga
Thats why we go to thug mansion
Thats the only place where thugs get in free and you gotta be a G
At thug mansion

A place to spend my quiet nights
Time to unwind
So much pressure in this life of mine
I cry at times
I once contemplated suicide
And woulda tried but when I held that nine
All I could see was my mamas eyes
No ones knows my struggle
They only see the trouble
Not knowin its hard to carry on when no one loves you
Picture me inside the misery and poverty
No man alive has ever witnessed struggles I survived
Prayin hard for better days promise to hold on
Me and my dogs aint have a choice but to roll on
We finally found a spot to kick it
Where we can drink liquor and no one bickers over trick shit
A spot where we can smoke in peace
And even though we G's
We still visualize places
Thats we can roll in peace
And in my minds I see this place on players gettin past
And gotta spot for us all
So we can ball
At thugz mansion

Aint no place Id rather be
Chillin wit homies and family
Sky high iced out paradise
In the skyyyyy
Aint no place Id rather be
Only place thats right for me
All out mansion in paradise
In the skyyyyy

Will I survive all the fights in the darkness
Trouble sparks
They tell me home is where the heart is
Get departed
I shed tattoo tears
And couldnt sleep good for multiple years
Witness peers cat

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