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Artist: Mando Diao
Mando Diao Author
Song Title: Little Boy Jr
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Ive got a brand new hand if you wanna perform
A 30 year old army turning fire into storm
Ive got a vicious little soldier, I know hes alright
Hes gonna catch some women tonight, thats alright
Hes gonna catch some women tonight

Hes spinning round n round n round until hes had enough
Going town to town to town just to prove that hes tough
Dont let him down under your skin, thats what they say
Hes gonna catch some ladies today, what they say
Hes gonna catch some ladies today

And when the firstborn baby starts to scream out: -Bollocks!
Smash him out at midnight, you aint raised ortodox
Take some money, spread em out as wide as you can
Youve got more room in your pocket then a russian, ru la la la

Little boy Jr barks a pitbull to tears,
without even knowing, its his most primal fear
Thats your spirit Jr, maybe your light
Youre gonna catch some women tonight, thats alright
Youre gonna catch some women tonight

And when the firstborn baby

Its time for closing in those bars, youve got that rush, thats cool
Do you know, your reputation is a future ODole
That rope is getting closer, know that its tight
There wont be any women tonight, not tonight
There wont be any women tonight, not tonight
There wont be any women tonight

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