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Artist: Manson Family
Song Title: Talk is Cheap
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[Tommy Wright III talking]
The number one hated, the most wanted
The all want us, the FBI, DEA, the CIA, ATF
What the fuck do y'all want?
(All you do is run your Goddamn mouth)
You don't know what you gettin' in
(..Boy you ain't finna do a Goddamn thing..)
What the fuck wrong wid you boy?
(..Goddamnit if you gon' bring it, bring it on...)
My nigga T-Roc what's up?, Destineal, whoopin' on niggas

[Verse 1: Tommy Wright III]
Everything I say I'ma do it for real
Me and Lil Sko finna go for the kill
Niggas talk shit when I let go hit the floor
Make a hoe drop like dominoes I'ma go
Out the patio cause the po-pos at the door
Gotta lay low, I'm the man wid the say-so
Feds want mo' ah the underground pro
Still servin' junkies scalin' up the hootie hoe pajerio
Feel me hoe, I'm the one that's all in ya shit
You the one I'm tellin' all my niggas go an' get
Cryin' like a bitch when the thirty R six
Boutta spit sick shit just like Blair Witch
Wanted me to let the nigga look at my car
Don't wanna get killed better burn some rubber
Already took six two sent dead brothers
I wasn't raised by my mom I raised my mother
Fuck talkin' boy and back it up just like ass
You peep up on ah, meet up on ah, creep up on ah
Sneak up on ah, peep up on ah, leap up on ah, beat up on ah
And heat up on him lookin' like I am wid long hair and a mask
I'ma mash everytime they make one dime
I'ma blast soon if they fuck wid mine
Fuck squashin take caution when you talk about Memphis
It's Tommy time and who the fuck told you different
Nigga y'all ain't the shit y'all just the piss
That come up out my dick wid Canadian Mist
Betta have a

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