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Artist: Manticora
Manticora Author
Album: Roots Of Eternity (1999)
Manticora - Roots Of Eternity Album
Song Title: Intoxicated
Genre: Metal
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I stare at the sky and see
What i've tried to see so many years
the purity of space and time
To see it all through intoxicated tears

Cratinf a trip through hexagonal space
Im fighting the laws of gravity
Burning my eyes to understand
blind agitation 'gainst my own sanity

you can fool a man forever
Fill him with you lies
You can fool mankind once
Drawing a web of lies
Burning their eyes to understand
you can't fool mankind forever

I've never tried to embrace myself tight
It's not how i want it to be
And i found in my head that i always did right
Even thoguh you speak angry with me

Spiraling confusing appears
As the world keeps coming back
What i felt is description of ALL
And madness is my only friend

you can fool a man forever
Fill him with you lies
You can fool mankind once
Drawing a web of lies
Burning their eyes to understand
you can't fool mankind forever

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