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Artist: Nailpin
Song Title: Bend Or Break
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Bend or Break, any time now you will change your state

I must admit I admire your commitment
Your devotion is unseen
I just wonder if it's sane to turn down
Every new opportunity
Please note that you'll be giving in

Bend or Break
Any time now you will change your state
Did you really think that all your phony values were not fake?
Bend or Break

Let's start off with finding out when you're offended:
When tradition leaves the scene
I understand our past is your companion
Holding on to security
Please note that you'll be giving in


And I know, you've been told that you should fight for
What you stand for:
This might come as a whole
New fright you haven't planned
So keep your options open
Please note that you'll be giving in
Please note that you'll be giving in


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