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Artist: Narnia
Narnia Author
Album: The Great Fall (2003)
Narnia - The Great Fall Album
Song Title: No Time To Lose
Genre: Metal: Power
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How long will I carry on?
I'm searching for the answer
Seems like I'm running inside of my head
No ends and no horizons
Is this the way it's got to be?
I need to find the answer
Is this a dream or is it reality?

Inside my head I hear a voice
You can't get rid of the blood on your hands
The time is here, you have to choose
Seek redemption, set your soul free

My way to go is hard to find
I'm caught in the middle
There's something far beyond the distant sky
Lead me to the bringer of life
They told me he's here inside my house
Where can I find him?
The sands of time are running, I need to go

Inside my head I hear a voice
You can't get rid of the blood on your hands
The time is here, you have to choose
Seek redemption, set your soul free

No time to lose,
Bring me to the holy cross
No time to lose,
I can't take the pain no%

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