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Artist: Natalie Cole
Song Title: Angle On My Shoulder
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I never thought I'd ever make it,
I can't believe the hell I've been through
Couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel,
I didn't know what to do
I've been through the rain,
I've been through the fire
There was something that I never knew


I had an angel on my shoulder,
with a plan for me divine
Must be an angel on my shoulder,
who was right there all the time
(Angel, must be an angel)

This world can be so cold and so heartless
Its hard to find your way alone,
I used to run so fast,
no one could catch me
I couldn't find the way back home,
but I've laughed, I've cried
I've walked both sides,
but my broken heart just never knew


I had an angel on my shoulder,
with a plan for me divine
Got to be an angel on my shoulder,
who was right there
Right there all the time,
everybody needs someone to cling to
With an unchanging love,
I finally found a hand to hold on to
A shelter to run to,
now I see He's watching over me


(Angel on my shoulder, angel)
I've got an (angel on my shoulder)
Angel on my shoulder, with a plan for me divine
Got to be an (angel on my shoulder),
angel on my shoulder
Who was right there, right there, right there all the time
Got to be an angel, an angel, an angel, right there all the time

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