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Artist: Natalie Cole
Song Title: IntroductionOur Love
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Written by Chuck Jackson and Marvin Yancy

I have a special message that I would like to leave with you

It's not anything real big, you can stick it in your back pocket

And fold it up in a piece of paper and put it in your diary

Uh, you know, somewhere you keep special things

Oh, but now the clock on the wall

Says----it's time to go

Oh, but baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby

Oh, Baby, I don't want to go, no, no, no, no

So I will leave you a little message

My very own, my very, very own, from me to you

You're my morning star (you're my morning star)

Shining brightly beside me

And if we keep this love

We will last through all eternity

Just the way we are, I love it, love is

It's just the way it should be

'Cause our love will stand tall as the trees

Our love will spread wide as the sea

Our love will shine bright in the night

Like the stars above, and we'll always be together

(Our love)

"Did you enjoy yourselves this evening?"

Hmm, my love is surely one thing

You can surely depend on

In times of darkness and fear

I go to you, I know you'll make me strong

You're gonna make me happy

And you're gonna make me smile

'Cause our love will stand tall as the trees

Our love will be for the whole world to see

Our love will change people's wrongs to right

And will never die 'cause we'll always have each other----


Hoo-- hoo, hoo, ha, ha

Our love will stand tall as the trees

Our love will spread as wide as the sea

Our love will shine bright in the night

Like the (our love) stars above

And we'll always be together (our love), yeah

Our love we got a good (baby, baby, our love)

Old fashion love

Hey (hey), hey, baby, our love

Our love we got a (baby, baby, our love)

Mighty, mighty good love---

Hey (hey), ha (ha), our love

We got a mighty (baby, baby, our love)

Mighty good love---

Ooh that's right, bring it down, just a little

Because love is soft, love is sweet

Love is nice; love is gentle

Love is joy and love is pain

Love is laughing in the rain

I've got love on my mind

Love is always right on time

Love is you and love is me

Love is just my little baby

I've got love on my mind

Love is always right on time

Love is you and love is me

Love is gonna set (baby, baby, our love)

You free------yeah

(Our love)

If you feel like love say

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

(Repeat) Ooh, hoo, ooh, hoo, ooh, hoo..

(Baby, baby, our love)

(Repeat) Ooh, hoo, ooh, hoo, ooh, hoo...

(Our love)

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