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Artist: Necrophobic
Necrophobic Author
Album: The Nocturnal Silence (1993)
Necrophobic - The Nocturnal Silence Album
Song Title: Before the Dawn
Genre: Rock
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At dawn the prophecies were told
Demonic spells surrounded the moon
Infernal flames enlightened the altar
Where the lord awaited the human sacrifice
Before the dawn of time
The devil was cursed from heaven
Condemned to the abyss of hell
Satan seeks for the merciless revenge
In the shadows of the damned
The priest speaks the incantation
A sacrifice to the lord
Shall be made of human blood and flesh
Awaiting at the altar of death
The priest prepares for the dying
Satan consumes the victim
As the black mass comes to the end
Priest: Lord of darkness, hear the call
Come forth and bring us evil
Arise from hell before the dawn
And break the holy curse
Priest I sacrifice you bastard child
The time has come to take your life
Born of evil in the name of Christ

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