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Artist: Nefilim
Song Title: Pazuzu (Black Rain)
Genre: Alternative
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"This generation shall not pass. This is the last man."

This generation shall not pass
Till all these things take place
Man made man - god

Black is the rain
Under blackened skies
Ressurection day an anti-christ

Black rain let it come now
Black rain we look up now
Black rain

On this eaten heart - our crucifier
We enter in a world of fucking hypocrites and liars

Seasons have decayed now
And man made God
Sorrow for Satan and priests like dogs
No one here remembers the bending of our minds
Pray for today
Tomorrow you die

"Look into the eyes of your creator."

"They stood him before a mirror. He was emaciated and covered with wounds, his back was bent, his hair was gone. There was not a single depravation he had not known."


The bending of minds
And the breaking of bodies and spirits
Man made man


Still falls the rain
Dark as the world of man
Black is our loss

"As the fourteen hundred and forty nails upon the cross, you are destroyed in the name of my savior."

Look into the eyes of your creator

Rain it eats the heart
Comes pouring from above
To break the mind
Under maddening skies
No one can escape now
No one alive
Nothing remains here
No coma arrives

No feeling
In screams of pain we're born
The fears of gods and wars
It brings the rain like blood it pours

This feeling

Still the rain it falls
Dark as the world of man
Black is our loss
Blacker than light


Stoop not down

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