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Artist: Neneh Cherry
Neneh Cherry Author
Song Title: My Bitch
Genre: Alternative
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When you turn around baby,
I'll be watching you,
I can see through you,
Maybe then you'll see,
That i ain't playing.
I'm to be taken seriously.
You know what i'm saying?.
And so the story goes.

One night when i was shaking,
And i definately wasn't faking,
I was lost in a trance,
Doing my own dance,
My girls on my side,
Were concentrating on the music playing,
And the speakers vibrating,
I shut my eyes, and the next thing i knew,
All i could smell was leather and brute,
Imposing on my groove, standing on my side,
And licking your lips, and rocking your thighs,
I wanted to die laughing, at your serious,
I've come to save you expression,
But i held my breath and said who are you?

Baby, my name is drew,
I'm gonna make you my bitch,
Maximum tender,
Feminine gender,
Come on baby it's time to surrender,
I'm drew,

(so what you gonna go)

I just want to get into you,
Hey bitch don't be so uptight,
We can make a date through tonight,
And then before hell breaks loose,
I'll just turn up the juice.

I say:
Hey all you people my name is mr smalls,
And some of the girls are saying i am the one with the greatest heart,
No matter where i go (gimme a break) no matter who i show
And i'm mr smalls

(is that right, wait now),
I stomped this joint from top to toe,
I found nothing but half pint two bit guys,
Acting out the parts, who might have been charming,
Some are in a movie being batman and robin,
It's not the way you look, cause you ain't half bad,
It's the way you act that makes me sad,
You know you think you're finger licking and thatc1

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