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Artist: Neuraxis
Neuraxis Author
Album: Truth - Imagery - Passage (CD 1) (2004)
Neuraxis - Truth - Imagery - Passage (CD 1) Album
Song Title: Truth Beyond Recognition
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Rise... The power that gives a meaning to life.
Deep... So strong that you can't deny.
Blind all the facts and treasures into the immense void of confusion.
Creating a vast panel of emotions.

Unlock the subconscious memories, but we're not yet there...
... As we travel through mystery... There's a reason.

Enhance the vision full of nostalgia with fierce and raw sentiments.
Showing the true meaning of devotion.

Can you hear ?
Can you smell ?
Can you see ?

Can you cry ?
Can you laugh ?
Can you feel ?

Knowing misery as a common ally where true pleasures have
no place... no place.

Surprised when the phenomenon surfaces.
Physical reactions... Touched...
A tear is extracted.
Close your eyes, let your mind flow through the stream of life.

Thoughts invaded with precious moments,
compiled and compressed in flash.
Truth beyond recognition

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