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Artist: Oblivion
Song Title: How Could You
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She was just a little girl on vacation

She was just a little girl all on her own

She was just a little girl on her way home

She was just a little girl, how could you

I never wanted you to take her freedom

I never wanted you to take her innocence

She never wanted you to take her freedom

She never wanted you to be the one

why - how could you

why - how could you

sometimes I wonder what's going on inside your head

sometimes I wonder what gave you the right

to desecrate her body and rape her (mind)

pain-nightmares-self blame-hate


you gave her those scars

deep inside her soul

scars too deep to heal,

just too deep to heal

look into the mirror, remember what you've done

I hope that shame never will be gone

how could you live with yourself

I wish it happens to you too

what you reap is what you sow

why-how could you

why-how could you

why-how could you

how could you

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