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Artist: Obscure Disorder
Song Title: Lyrically Exposed (Part Two) - The Revelation
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The Revelation
Yeah, yeah
Dave One hypnotic produciton (word up)
A-Trak on the cuts like a C-seciton (that's right)
Science on this mic
Got my man Eclipse and Logik
The Obscure massive, active, never passive

I want to see more justice
Denied the evil lurks amongst us
Went to college, earn the more raise than two A's
In alcoholic consumption (notions are)
Bent over backwards like contortion
You find niggas in portions, doing more bids than an auction
Lost and corrupted, they was instructed to leave my way split
Like mixed infants, to fix intent
Or employment of defined science was nonsense
Couldn't earn a raise like impotence (aaaaaaa)
Erase all traces, hope and grab them rappers hearts
Like a stethoscope, we'll let the cardiac arrest though
The revelation's right before you
Like them niggas that escaping from you
It's family ties you want to undo
Paraplegics on the run to
Wanting to rock the spot like a Hindu
One man who seeking monogamy
Held on to his words like apostrophe
But how it ought to be is never actualized
Sick of rap guys with nine millies superior to their dick size

CHORUS {Science} [Logik]
{Between Fahrenheit or Celsius, no matter what your climate is
I filter your subconscious
Building my cipher from scratch with the sub zero temperatues
Genetically inclined to survive at all times
Because struggle means to hit you where the sun don't shine
'Cause hard times come a dime a dozen
Niggas front hard, inside streets but it really wasn't}
[Where they represented, heard niggas are irrigated(?)]
{Yeah son}
[Gassed up, they left heavily sedated]
{Word up}


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