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Artist: October 31
Song Title: Just An Illusion
Genre: Rock
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It stands before me in my mind
For this is what I see
The perfect image of a world
Created just for me
Too great to speak I'm without words
In which I can describe
This part of me that's never free
Forever caught in time

But it's just an illusion
That passes the time away
A strange illusion
That's with me everyday
It's just an illusion
That traps me in my dreams
Just an illusion, a thought, a fantasy

For I've existed in this world
Just waiting for the day
That I'd become the messenger
For all there was to say
And now I've waited for my chance
To re-invent the dream
To re-establish thoughts of hope
With every breath I breathe

Yes, wishful thinking brings me hope
And leaves me to my dreams
For it's my way of letting go
And passing time with ease
But there's no saving what's been lost
To what we call mankind
Yet fantasies are always free
And dreaming is my mind

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