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Artist: Off
Song Title: Time Operator
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If you are sick and tired of all your dreadful dimensions

Let me stretch your time
that's a new drug
don't be too late.
I make your time stand still
send you down to the past

Look out the valve
my hands on the future

I am the key to open your gate.

I operate in time - time operator

I operate in time
and no one of you's greater

I operate in time - time operator

I operate in time
and no one of you's greater.

Warriors lost in battles worn out in the one million fights

Searching for rest
they wanna go home

I give them a break to a higher dimension.
Heroes are knocking on my door burning with desire

Searching for a task
willing to fight

I am the key to killing fields.

I operate in time - time operator
. . .

Work for more than a billion years
I've lost my time forever

I sacrifice myself leading the race to intercosmic space.
You travel in time
adventures I have for you

I create the days and simulate the nights

I am the key to your galaxy.

I operate in time - time operator
. . .

I wrote the legend of travel flooding the gates of time

Look at the finish
there is no end

just the way out of your mind.
Time is always on my side
I am the ruler of ages

Peep into the past
die in the future

I have the key
I am the answer!

I operate in time - ...

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