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Artist: Opm
Song Title: Sound System
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Now wait wait wait
Hold on now a minute
Id like to say something I just cant forget
Since the day
I was brought into this world
I was made to bless the boys and girls
With the beat from the past
I know the beat is drastic
If you step up
Then youre gonna get youre ass kicked
Now were doing our time
But the music of Jamaica always makes me feel fine
We gonna grind
And wind up your way
Tell the DJ he better pump up the base
Tell the DJ she better pump up the base
And when we hit the town we gonna mosh up the place

Hooooorah round my left side
And Hooooorah round my right
This is how we rolling when we rolling through the night
Sound system in my backyard tonight
Everybodys moving with me up all night
Turn up that volume lads
Wake up the town
Police men come but he cant shut us down
No no

Next stop
Now bump up the style
Bump up the town
If ya coming around then we gonna get down
Talk Possa (????)
Well ya better back it up
Coz I got the full form in the back of my truck
And if you wanna bring it on
Then its gonna get fucked
I said you wanna get down
Then its gonna get fucked
You need a hit (ahh)
I got the THC
Its time to motivate against the powers that be
We got the sound system for the masses to move
We got the sound system for the asses to groove
So grind and mosh up the place
And tell the DJ she better pump up the base

Na na na na na na
Na na na na na na
Everybody everybody everybody
Na na na na na na
Na na na na na na
Everybody everybody everybody
Na na na na na na
Everybody got the whole back line now
Na na na na na na-acap

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