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Artist: Oxiplegatz
Song Title: Graveyard Dream
Genre: Rock
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For life or death they did not care,
indifferent to humanity they were.
Their lives were long compared to ours,
for centuries they drifted silently among the stars.

Somewhere in Perseus, in the light of Algol - the demonstar,
earthlings on a voyage ramdomly crossing paths with Them...

They did not heed the call, a silence close to insolence.
As greetings were ignored, the fleet of Earth declared war.

For life or death they did not care,
indifferent to humanity they were.
Bu t as explosions awoke them from their slumber,
they arose in all their might to battle.

Somewhere in Perseus, in the light of Algol - the demonstar,
Eartlings blown to pieces, utterly rebuked, severely reprimanded.

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