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Artist: Paisley Brad
Song Title: Who Needs Pictures
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There's an old Kodak camera in my dresser drawer
I ran across it just this afternoon
And I realized that I don't ever use it anymore
In fact last time I did I think it was with you

When we were down in Cozumel
We had the whole beach to ourselves
And it's crazy now to think
That it's all there on that film and I could take it to the store
To be developed but what for
I can still see everything just fine
and who needs pictures
with a memory like mine

Standin' there I couldn't help
But think about
everything that might be on that roll
I think it even has another trip we took
I guess that must've been
at least three years ago

When we were down in Baton Rouge
and there wasn't much to do
So we drove into New Orleans
every afternoon
and I swear that you would think
that it was only yesterday
'cause I can still see everything just fine
Who needs pictures with
a memory like mine

Somewhere in my closet
there's a cardboard box
just sittin' on a shelf
it's full of faded memories
and it's been there ever since
the night you left

Oh, just forgotten photographs
to remind me of the past
Oh, but I can still see everything
just fine
who needs pictures
with a memory like mine
Yeah, who needs pictures
with a memory like mine

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