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Artist: Paisley Brain Cells
Song Title: Lies
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What are these things you're saying, try and make me to believe
You say that you love me, now you say you're gonna leave
Where do you go at night?
Do you treat him right?
You think that I can't see
Deep down in your heart I know you're torn apart
I can see you cry when you're telling me those lies

One little lie just leads you right up to the next
Till you don't know for sure just what it is that you have said
What if you can't depend
On your best friend?
Would it be the end?
And you thought your fun had just begun
Now look at what you've done there's nowhere to hide, nowhere to run

You keep on pushing, see how far that you can go
But you never stopped to look at where your stone is gonna roll
What did you see that you
Could take me for such a fool
Or are you just cruel?
Next time you come home you'll find yourself alone
No one on the phone, no one to call your own

Lies, lies, lies, baby why can't you be true
It might just cure your heartache, what else have you got to lose
You know you just might find
Peace of mind
And there's still time for you
In the darkest night you will see the light
Shining in your eyes - ain't it good to be alive

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