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Artist: Pajama Slave Dancers
Song Title: 36-24-36
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"36/24/26" by Pajama Slave Dancers once again
from "Heavy Petting Zoo" 1989

She came to my house
just the other day.
My mom didn't like her.
Well that's okay.
Read about here in a magazine.
Said she's the girl
Of my wettest dreams

She's 36/24/36
She's 36/24/36
She's 36/24/36

She loves to party - Oh what a doll
What she doesn't know I show her how
Well we never argue and we never fight
Since I get her she's spent every night

she's 36/24/36
She's 36/24/36
She's 36/24/36

And her name, her name is Lulu
to start her up I blew a
nd I know our love is ture
as our love it grew and grew

My Mom found her hidden under my bed
jabbed her with a pin and now she's dead
That girl was great, that girl was fantastic
Imagine how she's be if she wasn't made of plastic

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