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Artist: Panic Widespread
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Song Title: Climb To Safety
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you can hear, hear it comin'
like a train out of control
it surely leaves you wonderin'
exactly where your ticket goes
scream at the conductor
he's been deaf for 20 years
hear the other people laughin'
as it grinds to where it began

go to grab your nerve
you find that it's been missin'
see you've lost your faith
in everyone you know
well i surely hope
that you dont plan on winnin'
there's no payin more attention
won't until you care
you are seconds from the impact
and were movin way too slow

you say time will surely mold you
into somethin' you dont like
now your runnin' like a rabbit
stick your finger in the dyke
look around your room
you find the bed is peelin'
your effective skin is fallin' off your bones
well i must admit i know just how your feelin'

we must grab eachothers collar
must rise out of the water
to know as well as i do and
it's no fun to die alone

after all that i've been through
your the only one that matters
(climb to safety)
you never left me in the dark
here on my own
(climb to safety)
i can hear the water risin'
let me be your ladder
(climb to saftey)
i promise you'll be dry
and never be alone

tell me love has always scared you
like the things under your bed
baby we can walk on water
like some junkies swore they did
you call me on the phone
you say that it is crucial
stick your fingers in your ears till they explode
mind his business and roll along as usual

we must grab eachothers collar
rise out of the water
to know as well as i do and
it's no fun to die al

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