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Song Title: Hard LinesSunken Cheeks
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As a child I was given the gift to entertain you

But through blood I inherited A life that could

destrou you.I drink all day.I smoke all day.

I've done it all but tap the vein.

These hard lines and sunken cheeks are text book reasons

All these christians come alive and try and sell you

My soul for a goat, yet I'll outlive the old.

You know it's bad, some may say sad, a hangover is

inspiration.Like a junkie I hurt for it.A bad trip the, the

emptiness.I never sleep, or always sleep a lack of

fullfilment to me is me.The big picture.

These hard lines and sunken cheeks are part of

what the christians immortalize my situation

My soul for a goat.Yet I'll outlive the old

Embrace some religion.To get close to some

undivine ejaculation point.

Simply to thy ghost I cling.

Simply to thy ghost I reject.

Simply to thy ghost I give spit.

Tempter, tempting,tempt me.Molest me.You know

that I'll submit.For this is my weakness and it

saves me from relationships with these

christians.You know they'll sell you my soul

for a goat.Yet I'll outlive the old.

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