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Artist: Park Gorky
Park Gorky Author
Album: Stare (1996)
Park Gorky - Stare Album
Song Title: Dont Make Me Stay
Genre: Rock
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I can't see you
My visions gone but I can fly
One step ahead and leave it all behind

One step ahead from where I am
A little clam in a little shell inside
From common sense of human cold
From breeding mold and feeding lunacy

Where high is high on digging gold
I run away from being sold to me

My mind glued to the ceiling
Searching sense on an empty floor

My body glued to the feeling
Holding on behind the door

Don't make me stay
Raise your sails in the wind and pray

I can't see you
The light is out but I can feel
I feel the snow that someone wrote my name on

I feel the trenches on my skin
The raven song I hear is still the same one
My mind glued to the ceiling
Searching sense on an empty floor

My body glued to the feeling
Holding on behind the door

My tongue glued to the palate
Hopes the wisdom is on the way

My will mixed in a salad
Soaking in day after day

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