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Artist: Pat Benetar
Song Title: Out Of The Ruins
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It began as a summer just like the rest,

hopeful and filled with emotion.

Lovers enjoying their sweet conquest,

pledging undying devotion.

He felt the warm winds and circled his heart,

softly and gently corressing.

All of his being, every part,

his love for her was unending.

She was all that he dreamed of all of his life,

for her there was no other,

happy were they as man and wife,

happy were they that summer.


And all that it seemed was not meant to be,

the world was lost in indifference.

And what began as a small in Sedan,

ended up as hell.

Then without wanting, all that they knew,

everything they've been together.

Was taken away, swift and cruel,

on that terrible night in summer!

Out of the ruins, he called her name,

echoing over and over,

silently waiting, but no one came,

out of the ruins, that summer!


Out of the ruins, he walked alone.

empty and broken forever,

with nothing left but sweet memories,

of how it began that summer.

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