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Artist: Patty Smith
Song Title: Gone Pie
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It's been a while since I've seen your face
It's been a while since I've walked this place
I see the monkeys riding on their bikesRacing through the impossible night
You say you're feeling like a new tree
Man they'll cut you from limb to limb
Pick your pocket with such delightShake it to the rightShake it in the light
Oh can't you see the glitter
The glitter in their eyesOh can't you see the glitter
The glitter in their eyes
Genius stalking in new shoesHave you got WTO bluesDust of diamonds
Making you sneeze
Kids on rollers ready for
Running through the junkyards
Breezing through the hallsRacing through the malls
Walking through the walls
They'll strip your mind
Just for fun
Quoth the ravenYum yum yum

Children children everywhere
Selling souls for souvenirsThey've been sold out like as not
Just for chunks of Ankgor Vat

They'll trade you up
Trade you downYour body a commodity
Our sacred stage
Has been defacedReplaced to graceThe marketplaceDow is jonesing at the bit42nd Disney StreetRagged hearts unravelingLook out kidsThe gleam the gleam
All that glittersIs not all that glittersIs not all that glitters

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