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Artist: Qed
Song Title: Fallen Leaves (Di J Nagai Edit)
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this song is written by Di J Nagai, and it's given to QED.

QED-Fallen Leaves

As every season flows right by,
I still don't know knowthe reason why,
everyday I miss you,
not knowing what to do,
all I have for you is still with me,
if only I knew why we couldn't be,
as I cry my last tear,
i shall begin to face away all my fears,
I shall hide more more,
and i will step into the open door,
the door where a land has only fallen leaves

If i made a bad mistake,
that's the carma i am going to have to take,
everytime I miss you,
I know our love was meant to be true,
if I had another chance,
our love would make everything around us dance,
to the song of love,
a song only sung from what is up above,
I will never let you go,
you are mine from head-to-toe,
every moment that goes in my heart,
i see an island rip apart,
i will always be in this land of fallen leaves,
unless to you my hand and leave...

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