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Artist: Quantice Never Crashed
Song Title: Lighthouses
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The ties that bind can gag and I'm bound by boundless insignificance. Set yourself on fire if you can't feel this burn. Did you run out of ink so soon? Let my roots be my guide- and my heart as my eyes. This light will lead you home. There's not enough apathy in my soul: my heart refuses to grow cold. Just remember- you could fake this feeling forever. Nothing is sacred where hearts aren't beating (Where is your spine?)...If my dreams must die, let them die in me, for the sake of understanding what I could not see. For what I'll never say, for what I'll never be: this was never for you, it was always for me. You'll never see: We're just flesh after all.

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    "I've built walls around me. I've surrounded myself with everything that's gotten me here. But I'm tired of apologizing, and I'm tired of running from the things that I can't hide from. It's hard to believe in yourself, and it's hard to believe anything but I've learned forgiveness, and I've learned sincerity. "Burn a bridge or be left behind. Spread your wings and be proud of who you are." and I've burned bigger bridges than you. I'm not afraid to let go this time. It's hard to believe good intentions, but I'm not afraid- I'm looking for something I don't know how to ask for. "Spread your wings and be proud of who you are. You choose what you carry with you." and I've burned bigger bridges than you. I've built walls around me. I've moved on from everything that's gotten me here. "The end justifies the means". I've left you behind. I know you've been waiting for the right chance to stick this knife in my back. This chance is mine. I've left you behind. This is the last time you will make me painfully aware of how humiliated these open arms I've held for you have made me.

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