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Artist: Quarashi
Quarashi Author
Album: Guerilla Disco (2005)
Quarashi - Guerilla Disco Album
Song Title: Brass Knuckles
Genre: Rock
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I've got the gloves dropped swinging at you had the brass knuckles.

The guy that stereotyped that was kinda like a fly.

Then when you quit, you be talkin' shit with a speech impediment.

You wanna sweat it, etc & come & get it man.

See if it's right & nigga up or with the hype shit.

and we can put you on the spot, lets see if you like it.

I'll knock you off your feet as soon as you get up again.

So shut the fuck up and cover when you hit your fists.

I got some problems zip it up, cause I can't hold it down.

Cross my snakes got me workin' all the time I'm over town.

You know the legend so now experience reality.

Do not continue, try it, I've got 50 different breaths to breathe.

I wanna get it on, working til the break of dawn.

8 fucken inches down the hatch, my fucken devilspawn.

Bring out the ruler cause you can't believe the stories.

All the time, & one more victories,I'm a former glory.

[Chorus] x 2

So where you from kid? It's the Iceland interior.

Transmitting bass to break the sound barrier.


We got the the shit that makes you get.

On your toes and gets somewhere from here to there.

A lead rappers' gettin verse ready then verse spitting.

Any record producer could bullshit rappers be spitting.

I watch the blunders like no one else noticed.

Makes you wonder if it really pays for being so devoted.

It's kinda sad to me, see it all lead around to rap.

People talk shit about me what do I send back.

So let's see how you do, standing up close to this shit.

Cause that's what you go through if you wanna miss it.

So it's S-W-A-R-E See!

Screaming out when you come top it off with a Z!

I got some paper towels. wipe you off get you clean again

Get my ticket for a ride on the magic power train

So get you extra glide (the power tools), The Great Divide!

(The rubber gloves) Get romantic, tell your stories far & wide

Here we go again, we're out to make it dangerous

So pack it up you silly bitches, time to make some bread for us

[Chorus] x 2

So where you from kid? It's the Iceland interior

Transmitting bass to break the sound barrier


We got the the shit that makes you get

On your toes and gets somewhere from here to there

[Instrumental Playing]

[Chorus] x 2

So where you from kid? It's the Iceland interior

Transmitting bass to break the sound barrier


We got the the shit that makes you get

On your toes and gets somewhere from here to there

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