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Artist: Quarashi
Quarashi Author
Album: Guerilla Disco (2005)
Quarashi - Guerilla Disco Album
Song Title: Pro
Genre: Rock
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You know, it's funny how some girls talk smooth & so sweet now.

Make you & your crew lose it and I can tell his teeth's out.

I felt a mirror come down to the hand.

Especially if your homie can't even keep it in his pants.

Thinking she's cool & thinking she's in.

She gets dumped then she starts fucking his friends.

And with a little bit of (Woah Woah!) as a for desert.

And now she got ya man and it hurts.

Some shit like this might end up in a fist fight.

So dudes take the piss for some bitch who don't get it right.

Where you going tonight you little wonderer?

Think you got your shit so tight but I'm on to ya.

How long will she last? Well if you're asking me.

A pussy like that can stand it's capacity.

So why don't you & your friends go have a ball.

Let it go for a weekend, she will do you all.

[Chorus] x 2

Pull your pants up!

Put your hands up!

It's game over when your ladies got your mans up!

She's a Pro when it's time to show you know.

Think full for a sucker you know you know.

Next up is an adultress now ain't you bitch.

Little slut wants to break up relationship.

Doesn't matter if she slips.

Ahe's gonna steal your man.

You see these hoes coming quick with a back up plan.

Infact ain't that a pity to fall into her clutch.

All she had to do was wave around some titties and such,

So look at that dandy go silly ho got mad.

And I know you gotta go but we can hit it off can't we?

She's in position now using her intuition somehow.

She gets him to put his defense mechanism down.

Somebody gotta strike the little ho with a stick.

She's in like cracking & why did ya go to his dick.

I wouldn't wanna be on that ice when it breaks.

Shorty likes what she can have but doesn't have what it takes.

She's a fake, she's a pro, she's a certified ho You know.

When you see her around the way.

You better act like you know, you know.

[Chorus] x 2

Pull your pants up!

Put your hands up!

It's game over when your ladies got your mans up!

She's a Pro when it's time to show you know.

Think full for a sucker you know you know.

Here's a birdie who gets who get's dirty when she flirts.

She?s got a man but Shes drunk with a hand on shirt & skirt.

In the club looking for a dude tall & handsome.

In a thong real cute, drawing all the attention.

Well she had a little beer then she had a little dick.

In a Room with 6 like I can't do it I'm too sick.

That's bullshit, goddamn you small pussy.

Imagine you got your ass slammed and self some.

In a hurry, she said she got raped shit.

Don't worry about it man cause they videotaped it.

And she knew it, even agreed to do it.

Dispute & disbelieve but he's got what he needs to prove it.

Before you get stuck in the middle etc.

You better hear me out on this one lecture.

I ain't no expert but this shit I know and them.

Every woman has a little bit of ho in em.

[Chorus] x 2

Pull your pants up!

Put your hands up!

It's game over when your ladies got your mans up!

She's a Pro when it's time to show you know.

Think full for a sucker you know you know.

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