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Artist: Quarterflash
Song Title: Shakin The Jinx
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written by Marv Ross

It's just too easy to hide in these trees
Rust in this water up to your knees
Not many dreamers ever get out alive
Some kind of sickness sleeps in this town
I barely got out, but so many drown
The more you struggle,
The faster you're gonna sink

You're shakin', you're shakin' the jinx
You're beating the odds by the skin of your teeth

Baby, baby, it's a long way down
They want to be there when you hit the ground
You gotta shake it right in their face and smile
And when you've got 'em right in the palm of your hand
You don't need 'em 'cause you understand
So you turn slowly and you give the boys one last wink
And then...

You're shakin', you're shakin' the jinx
You're beating the odds by the skin of your teeth

You gotta face the fools who put sand in the gears
You gotta shake a fist at a thousand different fears
You gotta break it, fake it
But never let 'em know what you think

You're shakin', you're shakin' the jinx
You're beating the odds by the skin of your teeth

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