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Artist: Quicksand
Quicksand Author
Album: Manic Compression (1995)
Quicksand - Manic Compression Album
Song Title: It Would Be Cooler If You Did
Genre: Metal: Alternative
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If, you turn, turn away,
I, can pretend, that you?ll stay.

If you want it.
If, you, want, I will.
Torn, in two, torn away.
I, could not look.
I wish you did.

If you want it.
If, you, want, I will.
If you really want it.
If you really want to.

All ways I want to burn,
set, fire to,
things that were not returned.
So take what you can get,
second chance might not come.
Or we can just stay dumb.
If really you want to.
I, I will.
If you really want to.

If you turn, away.
If you turn, turn away.

If you want to.
If you want to.
If you want to.

(Are we rolling

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