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Artist: Quincy Jones
Quincy Jones Author
Album: Back on the Block (2005)
Quincy Jones - Back on the Block Album
Song Title: Back On The Block
Genre: R&B: Soul
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feat. Big Daddy Kane, Ice-T, Kool Moe Dee, Melle Mel

[ all ]
Back on the block
Back on the block

Back, on the block, so we can rock
With the soul, rhythm, blues, be bop and hip hop

Back on the block
Back on the block

[ VERSE 1: Ice-T ]
Ice-T, let me kick my credentials
A young player, bred in South Central
L.A., home of the bodybag
You wanna die, wear the wrong color rag
I used to walk in stores and yell: "Lay down!"
You flinch an inch - AK spray down
But I was lucky cause I never caught the hard time
I was blessed with the skill to bust a dope rhyme
All my homies died or caught the penzo
Lost their diamonds, cops towed their Benzos
Livin that life that we thought was it
Fast lanin, but the car flipped
I'm not gonna lie to ya, cause I don't lie
I just kick thick game, some people say: why?
Cause I'm back on the block, I got my life back
So I school the fools about the fast track
I get static from the style of my technique
Profanity, the blatant way in which I speak
But the Dude knows the streets ain't no kiddie game
You don't know the Dude? Quincy's his first name
He told me: "Ice, keep doin what you're doin, man
Don't give a damn if the squares don't understand
You let em tell you what to say and what to write
Your whole career'll be over by tomorrow night
Rap from your heart, and your heart's with the street
Rap on my record, man, Kimiko, send Ice the beat"
The Dude is def no doubt, what can I say?
The man can roll with Ice-T or Michael J

[ all ]
Back on the block
Back on the block

Back, on the block, so we can rock
With the soul, rhythm, blues, b

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