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Artist: Razor
Razor Author
Album: Evil Invaders (1985)
Razor - Evil Invaders Album
Song Title: Legacy of Doom
Genre: Metal: Heavy
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Mount your stag, my sword is waiting
A duel, we're gonna have it out
Follow paths where the night lets you travel
Through frost and the echoing shouts
Ride alone and listen for reason
The wind whispers something to you
The son of a savage, the son of a snake
They had you for something to do
You've come close, the quillotine missed you
You ran from the Crown with their gold
The Round Table met, and chose me to find you
A chalenge is all you've been told
I wait alone, no armour to shield me
The thunder slows to a fade
My cold eyes staring to the edge of the silver
Lightning strikes the blade
The tension's in the air tonight
The night sky tempts the dare
I can feel the distant fight
You're nearing from out there
The silence of my second sight
Last rites, only fear
I'm young and you're old but the age doesn't matter
I'm hard, I can take it, the cold night drops the rain
Never question ontold secrets, never guess what you won't gain
I'm the lastting storm to break you, you'll swallow my sword and it's pain
I've longed for the moment with passion and fury
To watch as you cry out in pain
Take a last look at the sky when you've lost
When your shadow no longer remains
Our eyes meet as strangers, no fear of the dangers
The sparks kly, our swords strike as fire
All that you hear are your worst dying fears
Afraid of my passing desire
You drop from the dark, shaking from the answer
You strike to fight the sky, yes I'm in the way
It burns and takes all, life and what you wanted
Where's your spirit drifting, it's left you here to stay
I've longed for the fire that's burning towards you
The fool is caught in the flame
Take a last look at my

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