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Artist: Tasha Holiday
Song Title: Just The Way You Like It (Main Edit)
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featuring Mase

Miss Holiday
Whatcha got
Stevie J guaranteed to make it hot
Bad Boy, MCA
Doing this all day, any day

1 - Is it just the way you like it, baby
Tell me what you want
Don't be ashamed to tell me how you want it
We can get it on
Is it just the way you like it, baby
You can talk to me
All I want to do is please you
Satisfaction guaranteed

Not much experience
But I said I'm willing to learn
The things I need to know
For you to yearn for me
Cuz boy I'll try to keep
Me on your mind
I'll give it how you want it
Say what you like baby

Repeat 1

Tell me your fantasies
I'll bring them to life
We'll use imagination
We'll take our time, baby
For all the love you show me
The things you do
I'll show how much I want to
Give love to you

Oh, tonight the time is right
Oh, so baby dim the lights
Let me love you

Now many voyeur, can game any whore
Wouldn't have to spend a penny for a Demi Moore
It's quite absurd, just saying the right words
Give me ice birds, buy me night furs
Did the right things, that's why I got the white Range
Girls give me light change that are in your dice game
I set my alarm if your head is the bomb
And spend all night sweatin out your Revlon
I lick up her knee, so the chick be pleased
So she can give me cheese and the key to her V's
Even when she stock chips, give me profit
Money to shop with, cash a car with
Send me to the tropic, smokin chocolate
Get my jock licked, by girls that topless
Mase, and Miss Holiday, a day, Bad Boy
Come on now

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