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Artist: Taylor Steve
Song Title: Jim Morrisons Grave
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Am I a pilgrim?
Or another souvener hound?
In the city of lights I set my sights
On a king's domain.
It was a manhole
Dug over at the edge of town
And a spray can scrawl
on a cemetary wall
says "You'd better behave"

Jim Morrison's Grave

It's getting cold here
And there ain't a lizard in sight
Did the end begin
When you shed your skin
In the home of the brave?
Somebody shake him
From the land of larger than life
Where the remnant warn
of a legend born
In a dead man's cave.

Jim Morrison's Grave

I stay driven 'cause there's nowhere to park
I can't shut my eyes, I'm a fraid of the Dark
I lie awake
That stone left me chilled to the bone
Sound the alarm before it's done
Find Jim Morrision
Come away to Paris
Let him see another day
Let him fade out slowly
Only fools burn away
Let a true love show him what a heart can become
Somebody find Jim Morrison
Find Jim Morrison's Grave

I get weary, Lord I don't understand
How a seed get strangled in the heart of a man
While the music covers like an evening mist
Like a watch still ticking on a dead man's wrist

Tick away

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